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There’s a reason I now differentiate between “villain” and “antagonist”

except a lot of these are straight up murderers…

Yeah, and also they’re all completely fictional

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This baby lion is so stupidly important to me

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lotr meme: ten scenes [5/10] → the lighting of the beacons

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Probably the most famous of all magical beasts, dragons are among the most difficult to hide. The female is generally larger and more aggressive than the male, though neither should be approached by any but highly skilled and trained wizards. Dragon hide, blood, heart, liver, and horn have highly magical properties, but dragon eggs are defined as Class A Non-Tradeable Goods. There are ten breeds of dragon, though these have been known to interbreed on occasion, producing rare hybrids. Pure-bred dragons are as follows… 

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do you want to hear a joke

the north american education system

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me trying to exercise


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is there like financial aid for concert tickets

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